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Extreme Climate Event Impacts on Aquatic Biogeochemical Cycles and Fluxes
22-27 January 2017
San Juan - Puerto-Rico - USA

Specifically, this Chapman Conference will focus on (a) water-driven exports of C, N, and P in particulate, dissolved, and gaseous forms from terrestrial to aquatic ecosystems ; (b) changes in biogeochemical cycles of C, N, and P in aquatic ecosystems following/during ECEs ; and (c) changes in aquatic ecosystem functions and services as a result of extreme events. Key questions that we seek to address at this conference are :

  • How do we define extreme weather events ?
  • What have we learned from past extreme events and what are the long-term consequences of extreme weather events on aquatic ecosystems ?
  • How do extreme events influence the export, transport, and transformation of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus along the aquatic continuum extending from the source/headwaters to the sea ?
  • How are ecosystem structure, functions, and services altered by extreme weather events ?
  • How do impacts and ecosystem recovery differ for forested, agricultural, and urban landscapes ?
  • Are new land management strategies and restoration paradigms needed for extreme weather events ?

Abstract Submissions Deadline : 21 september 2016

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