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Call for abstracts for IMBeR IMBIZO 5

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IMBIZO is the Zulu word for ’a gathering’. IMBeR will hold its fifth IMBIZO at Woods Hole in October. The overall theme of IMBIZO 5 is Marine biosphere research for a sustainable ocean : Linking ecosystems, future states and resource management. This is the basis of IMBeR’s science plan where the research goal is to Understand, quantify and compare the historic and present structure and functioning of linked ocean and human systems to predict and project changes including developing scenarios and options for securing or transitioning towards ocean sustainability.

The meeting will consist of three concurrent but interacting workshops, with joint plenary and poster sessions. This format has previously been successful in promoting discussion between disciplinary experts, in developing interaction between biogeochemical, ecological and social science research, and in producing synthesis papers and journal special issues. To optimize participant interactions, each of the three workshops will be restricted to 40 participants, selected on the relevance of the abstract that you submit.

The themes of the workshops are as follows :

- WS 1 Critical constraints on future projections of marine systems

- WS 2 Metabolic diversity and evolution in marine biogeochemical cycling and ocean ecosystem processes

- WS3 Management Strategy Evaluation : Achieving transparency in natural resource management by quantitatively bridging social and natural science uncertainties

There will be a bonus day learning how to do Infographics prior to the IMBIZO !

IMBIZOs are great meetings, so, choose a workshop and get your abstract in before 31 May 2017 !