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Call for topics related to SOLAS science and society

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As highlighted by the plenary and discussion sessions entitled ’SOLAS Science and Society’ at the SOLAS Open Science Conference 2015, the SOLAS community hopes to do more to engage with social scientists on SOLAS-relevant topics. The discussion session was well attended and its main outcome was a clear support to hold a workshop bringing together both natural and social scientists (not to engage policy makers, stakeholders, or practioners at this stage).

During the discussion session (report available here), the following 3 topics for joint research were identified :

  • plastics in the ocean
  • carbon emission costs (valuing things like ocean acidification vs. carbon sequestration)
  • creating laws and policy that cross the air-sea interface

In order to keep the ball rolling, we are proposing to gather for two days in the second half of 2016.

We reach out to you now for two reasons :

  1. We would like to receive your ideas of potential topics for joint research in order to start shaping the workshop.
  2. would like to know if you wish to be included (whether or not you have a topic suggestion) in a specific mailing list we are making for circulating more detailed information regarding the workshop.

Please send your input to Christa by 6th January 2016.

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