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Engineer R&D in computation and simulation of oceanic and atmospheric flows - ALBATROS Project

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The ALBATROS project focuses on the development of novel techniques to account for the 2-way interactions between ocean, waves and atmosphere within operational models.
This project brings together geoscientists and applied mathematicians from several French institutes.

The objective of this position is to contribute to the development of a standalone atmospheric boundary layer model and to work on its proper online coupling with an oceanic model. A particular emphasis will be on the transfer of the results toward Mercator-Ocean which operates the high-resolution global ocean forecasts within CMEMS.
The project will involve collaborations with scientists and engineers from Mercator-Océan (, Meteo France (Toulouse) and CNRS in Brest and ParisGlobal and regional high-resolution oceanic models are either coupled to an atmospheric model or forced at the air-sea interface by fluxes computed in an empirical way preventing proper physical feedback between the ocean and the atmosphere. In an operational context, fully coupled models at high-resolution are seldom used mainly because of their prohibitive computational cost.
The derivation of a reduced (simplified) model as an alternative between a forced mode and the use of a full atmospheric model is undertaken within the ALBATROS project in order to represent important 3D turbulent features in the marine atmospheric boundary layer (MABL).

The work will first consist in developing a fortran code resolving the dynamical equations and vertical mixing parameterization of the MABL model as well as the proper interface to allow this model to be constrained by large-scale atmospheric data. Then, the model will be tested on a predefined suite of idealized testcases. Finally, more realistic simulations will be undertaken with the help of Mercator-Ocean.