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EuroMarine 2017 call - preannouncement

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Please find attached the preannouncement of EuroMarine 2017 calls (for proposals of activities and for individual fellowship applications) and provisional lists of (a) EuroMarine members and (b) corresponding General Assembly representatives (to let scientists in your respective organisations find EuroMarine partners in preparation of future proposals). The calls will open on April 1st. The call for proposals of foresight workshops or working groups will close on May 31st. The call for fellowship applications will close on April 28th (tentative date).

Please note that the call has already been preannounced on the general EuroMarine mailing list (see the online version at : and posted on the EuroMarine website (see

However, not all potential proposers within your respective organisations are likely to have subscribed to this list.

The EuroMarine Steering Committee therefore kindly invites you, as GA representatives, to circulate the preannouncement of EuroMarine 2017 calls within your respective organisations and to foster the preparation of proposals and applications, as deemed appropriate.

Important note from the Secretariat : Proposals must at a minimum involve three full member organisations. Yet, some EuroMarine organisations have not yet confirmed their full membership for 2017 (they are labelled with a specific icon in the attached list). The representatives of these organisations are kindly invited to confirm their 2017 status at the earliest. In addition, future call proposers and applicants are invited to check the final status of their own organisation and that of any co-organising partner organisations prior to submitting their proposal or application.

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