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Four Post-Doctoral Positions in Climate Projection and Prediction Science

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We wish to recruit four Associate Research Fellows/Research Fellows for two major new projects ’Robust Projections of Real World Climate Change’ and ’Securing Multidisciplinary Understanding and Prediction of Hiatus and Surge Events’. These posts are available from 1st October 2016 for up to three years. The projects will seek to improve future climate projections by advancing techniques to combine models, observations and physical understanding using advanced statistical techniques and by looking at mechanisms for decadal climate variability.

We are seeking applicants who have skills in one or more of the following areas ; climate modelling, climate dynamics, understanding physical climate change and the development and use of statistical techniques for climate problems. The successful applicants will be able to present information on research progress and outcomes, communicate complex information, orally, in writing and electronically and prepare proposals and applications to external bodies.

Applicants will possess a relevant PhD and be able to demonstrate sufficient knowledge in the discipline and of research methods and techniques to work within established research programmes. At Research Fellow level, the successful applicant will be a nationally recognised authority in climate science and be able to develop research programmes and methodologies. The successful applicant will also be able to work collaboratively, supervise the work of others and act as team leader as required.

The ’Real Projections’ project is led by Prof. Mat Collins and involves scientists from the University of Exeter (Dr Paul Halloran, Dr Hugo Lambert, Dr James Screen, Prof. David Stephenson, Prof. Geoff Vallis and Dr Danny Williamson) as well as scientists from the British Antarctic Survey, the University of East Anglia, NCAS Climate (Reading), the Met Office and the University of Oxford. The decadal variability project is led by Prof. Piers Forster from the University of Leeds and is also a multi-institute project. The University of Exeter post is supervised by Prof. Mat Collins.

For further information please contact Prof. Mat Collins, telephone 01932 723984.

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