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Call identifier : 2016-2017 MOBILITY FOR GROWTH

  • Topic : MG-1.1-2016:Reducing energy consumption and environmental impact of aviation
  • Topic : MG-1.4-2016-2017:Breakthrough innovation
  • Topic : MG-2.2-2016:Development, production and use of high performance and lightweight materials for vessels and equipment
  • Topic : MG-2.3-2016:New and improved transport concepts in waterborne transport
  • Topic : MG-3.3-2016:Safer waterborne transport and maritime operations
  • Topic : MG-3.4-2016:Transport infrastructure innovation to increase the transport system safety at modal and intermodal level (including nodes and interchanges)
  • Topic : MG-3.5-2016:Behavioural aspects for safer transport
  • Topic : MG-4.5-2016:New ways of supporting development and implementation of neighbourhood-level and urban-district-level transport innovations
  • Topic : MG-5.1-2016:Networked and efficient logistics clusters
  • Topic : MG-6.1-2016:Innovative concepts, systems and services towards ’mobility as a service’
  • Topic : MG-6.2-2016:Large-scale demonstration(s) of cooperative ITS

Deadline : 29/09/2016

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