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IMBER e-News n°87 – July 2015

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ESSAS name change

To reflect its increasing interest in the Arctic, IMBER’s regional programme ESSAS has elected to change its name from the Ecosystem Studies of Sub-Arctic Seas to Ecosystem Studies of Subarctic and Arctic Seas.

The shortened version will remain as ESSAS. While continuing to maintain strong research on comparative studies in the subarctic, ESSAS will be expanding its work, especially on the interaction between the subarctic and the Arctic, as well as climate change effects on Arctic ecosystems.


We apologise for the delay in notifying applicants about the outcome of their abstract submissions for IMBIZO IV. We had a great response and hope to be able to send out the notices very soon. Looking forward to a great IMBIZO in Trieste in October !

IMBER relevant meetings

All IMBER publications can be available online :
(Username : IMBER_pub, Password : imber2015)
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    Funding and collaborative opportunities
  • APN 2015 Calls for Proposals under the CRRP and CAPaBLE Programmes
    The deadline for the submission of summary proposals is Sunday, 9 August 2015.

Early-career scientist opportunities

  • Call for Research Proposals of the Living Planet Fellowship
    Your proposal and all supporting documents must be sent by e-mail to : by no later than 30 August 2015 (the Closing Date).


  • Australia
    3 PostDocs and 4 PhD opportunities, Centre for Marine Socio-ecology, Hobart, Tasmania
    Deadline for applications : 31 July 2015
  • Norway
    PhD in Marine Geology/Ocean Acidification, Centre of Excellence CAGE, University of Trømso, Trømso,
    Deadline for applications : 31 August 2015
  • Switzerland
    Executive Director, PAGES - Past Global Changes project, Bern
    Deadline for applications : 26 July 2015
  • South Africa
    Reef Senior Scientist, Oceanographic Research Institute, Durban
    Deadline for applications : 19 July 2015
  • UK
    Web developer, Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science, Plymouth
    Deadline for applications : 10 July 2015

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