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IMBeR e-News 04 september 2017

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Announcements and reminders

• Last day to nominate yourself or someone else for IMBeR Scientific Steering Committee !!
• GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product 2017 is now available !
• Marine Ecosystem Assessment for the Southern Ocean Conference and Policy Forum, Hobart, Australia, 9-13 April 2018. Deadline for abstract submission 30 November 2018
• 2018 ASLO Summer Meeting session proposals due 1 October 2017
• GOOS Biogeochemistry Essential Ocean Variables (EOVs) Specification Sheets (version : 2)
• Short survey on SCOR communications - please give your views
• Status report : What are Marine Ecological Time Series telling us about the ocean ?
• Opening of the new Ocean CArbon Data System (OCADS) Project

IMBeR-relevant sessions at Ocean Sciences 2018
Deadline for abstracts is 6 September 2017

• Deep Ocean Observing Strategy (DOOS) Town Hall
• ED014 : Societal Applications of Deep-Ocean Observations
• BN002. Advances in Aquatic Respiration : New Ideas, Conceptual Models, and Recent Findings on Plankton Community Respiration
• BN004.Biogeochemical and Ecological Change from Integrated, Multiscale Observations
• BN005. Biogeochemical Argo Science and Regional Profiling Float Studies including SOCCOM, NAOS, remOcean, INBOX and IOBioArgo
• BN010. Impacts of animals on nutrient, oxygen and carbon cycling
• PL003. Biophysical dynamics of boundary upwelling systems in a changing ocean : Synthesis of current knowledge and future observational and modeling approaches
• EP007. Physics to predators : Understanding Bottom-up Forcing of Pelagic Ecosystems
• 28650 : Closing the gap between wind stress and ecosystem productivity in eastern boundary upwelling regions
• 28520 : Linking modern "omics" techniques and ecosystem models
• 27656 : Ocean global change : teasing apart individual and interactive effects of drivers on microbes and plankton
• OC010 : The Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network, GOA-ON : linking local info globally

Jobs and opportunities
• Research Scientist : Quantitative population ecology, IMR, Tromsø. Apply by 15 September
• Scientists & students invited on IIOE2 cruise on SA Agulhas II Oct-Nov 2017. Apply by 15 Sept
• GO-SHIP student cruise opportunity in Pacific sector of Southern Ocean : Apply by 22 September
• Grad Student Workshop on Socio-Environmental Synthesis : Interdisciplinary skill building, proposal writing, & collaborating. Apply by 20 November 2017