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Operational Oceanography engineer position for les Explorations de Monaco

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The “Explorations de Monaco” is launching a new expedition to navigate around the world, exploring some of the most pristine areas of the Ocean. Sampling sites will include, seamounts around the world (French Polynesia, Triangle of Coral, Indian Ocean, etc…) and open ocean mesoscale eddies. In that context, we are hiring an Operational Oceanography engineer for the 3 years of the expedition. The engineer will work in a multidisciplinary environment, in close collaboration with physical, biological and chemical oceanographers, PhDs students, and post-doctoral researchers. The engineer will be in charge of all oceanographic instrumentations on board of the “YERSIN” and will provide technological expertise to the team.


The Operational Oceanography engineer will work aboard the “YERSIN” with a large autonomy but under the oceanography project’s manager in collaboration with the chief scientist, captain and the technical experts’ group ashore.

He will be responsible of the deployment of the instrumentation aboard the Yersin :

  • CTD-Rosette on electric cable
  • ADCP
  • Underwater Vision Profiler
  • Instrumented Nets (Multinet, Manta, High Speed net)
  • Plankton nets
  • Collaboration with the ROV’s team and the divers

He will be responsible of the sensors for continuous data acquisition, data management and of the associated network

  • Thermosalinograph
  • AC-S (underwater spectral absorption and attenuation meter)
  • ALFA
  • Mass spectrometer
  • pH, pCO2, etc..
  • Set-up and maintenance of the large volume continuous pumping system

He will :

  • Manage the logbook and the logsheets of the stations
  • Quality control data
  • Transfer data daily to the database on land
  • Manage and archive data from different sensors and satellites
  • Pre-process data acquired on board
  • Maintain and manage the instruments, calibrate sensors
  • Prepare reports for the project manager

Core competencies

  • Thorough knowledge of oceanographic equipment
  • Maintenance
  • Implementation
  • Initial treatment
  • Acquainted with techniques of physical measurements and metrology
  • Electronics
  • Computers and networks
  • Experience in work at sea on research vessels
  • Knowledge in physics and biology of the oceans will be appreciated


  • Extensive experience oceanographic missions
  • Ability to life at sea in community
  • Medical and physical fitness
  • Ability to work as a team-mate with scientific, marine and other technical staff


  • English
  • French greatly appreciated

Conditions of employment

  • Working at Sea onboard of YERSIN for periods up to 12 weeks
  • 9 weeks of annual leave
  • Shared cabin on board (1-3 persons depending on the periods)
  • Food and accommodation on board.

Gross annual salary : 40,000 Euros (including benefits : basic Health care and unemployment)

How to apply

Send a CV and letter of motivation to Dr. Lionel Guidi ( and Pr. Gabriel Gorsky.

Deadline : September 15th, 2017
Expected starting date : October 1st, 2017