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PhD Candidate (Promovendus) Land use changes impact on meteorological triggers for floods

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Meteo-hydrological hazards could change in probability and intensity due to global climate change, but also due to local land use changes. The mutual feedback mechanisms between land use changes and atmospheric changes are of major interest for flood hazard assessment as they enhance or decrease the hazard risk. Of particular interest is how changes in land surface processes, e.g. due to urbanization, impacts the frequency and magnitude of extreme weather events triggering flooding. The candidate will contribute to research leading to impact assessment of spatial planning and global climate change on the local climatology, and its impact on flood hazard risk of cities. The focus will be mainly on cities located in lesser developed countries.

You will work on the complex relationship between changes in spatial planning and the local climatology, focusing on the impact on flood hazard risk. State-of-the-art atmospheric and hydrological models will be utilized to assess the contribution of land use and land cover changes on the local atmospheric conditions and related water balance. To analyze the impact of changes, historical meteorological and hydrological data information will be evaluated where such data is well available, complemented with satellite image datasets.

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