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Postdoc in Landscape Limnology, Remote Sensing & Biogeochemistry of Lakes

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We seek an individual to join an interdisciplinary team in the fields of aquatic biology, environmental engineering, and remote sensing who are developing and applying methods to measure water quality properties of lakes using remote sensing. Recent expansion in the availability of high resolution, high frequency satellite imagery has led to opportunities to develop methods for innovative, regional-scale measurements of major water quality parameters in inland surface waters, including colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM), algal pigments, and suspended sediment. The post doc will work as part of a team that includes Professors Jacques Finlay, Patrick Brezonik, Raymond Hozalski, and William Arnold in developing methods to measure these parameters in lakes and rivers from space. Information gained from these methods will be used to assess their temporal and spatial distributions throughout lake-rich areas of Minnesota and the Upper Midwest, analyze the factors that affect their concentrations and distribution, and assess their impacts on water quality and contaminant reactivity. The post doc will participate in all facets of the project, focusing on planning and conducting field sampling, satellite image analyses, water quality analyses, and data analysis. Background and experience in the fields of limnology, GIS, landscape ecology and/or remote sensing are important qualifications for this position.

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