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Postdoctoral position : Genetic engineering - microalgae

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Location : Laboratoire de Physiologie Cellulaire Végétale, Grenoble, FRANCE

Description : The position is based in the PCV Lab, Grenoble, France and will be part of a joint research program with Fermentalg, a biotech company. The project consists in the development of molecular tools to allow genetic modifications of microalgae, in order to modify biosynthetic pathways for the production of molecules of interest for bioenergy and green chemistry. The research program requires a strong technical expertise in molecular biology, ideally of microalgae (for instance Chlamydomonas, diatoms or other microalgae) or microorganisms (yeast), but also in plants (Arabidopsis) to construct vectors to overexpress genes of interest, or lead to silencing of target genes by RNA interference or endonucleases.

Required expertise and Prospects

Expertise : PhD level, with a background in molecular engineering (microalgae / yeast / Arabidopsis) and biochemistry. Expertise in at least one of the following disciplines : genetic engineering, metabolism, physiology, cell biology. Full autonomy in molecular biology techniques is absolutely required.

Perspectives : Publications (both basic and applied sciences), patents. Perspectives in Academia and Industry. 18 months minimum –> 2,5 year. Beginning as soon as possible.

Contact : Send curriculum, motivation letter and references to Eric Maréchal