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Publication of the latest volume in the collection of CIESM Atlases

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This 364 pages Atlas, focused on Exotic Seaweeds in the Mediterranean, is the fruit of years of research by leading algal experts.

Richly illustrated and backed up by abundant, up-to-date bibliographic references, it provides a fascinating insight on the state and taxonomic characteristics of 117 exotic macroalgal species (plus one seagrass) now established on our shores, with information on their mode of introduction and maps of their current geographic distribution. Distinction is made between the merely exotic species and those that are truly invasive. The reader will also find a presentation of 22 additional taxa from adjacent coasts in the Atlantic Ocean that are considered likely to be the next settlers.

By clicking here, you will be able to browse through representative pages of this Atlas which completes our unique CIESM Atlas collection where previous volumes dealt with fishes, molluscs and crustaceans. Altogether these four books present a comprehensive resource for all those keeping a watch on the fast-changing biodiversity of the Mediterranean Sea.