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SOLAS Announcement : upcoming SOLAS sponsored workshops

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Community workshop on Cryospheric Atmospheric Chemistry Activity (CATCH), 19-21 April 2017 in Paris, France

The CATCH mission is to facilitate atmospheric chemistry research within the international community, with a focus on natural processes specific to cold regions of the Earth. Cold regions include areas which are seasonally or permanently covered by snow and ice, from the high mountains to the polar ice sheets and sea ice zones, as well as regions where ice clouds are found. CATCH scientists will aim to understand and predict :

How aerosols are formed and processed in cold regions ?
How cold region aerosols act as cloud precursors and impact cloud properties ?
What are the feedbacks between climate change and atmospheric chemistry that are deter­mined by changes in the cryosphere ?
How the ice core record can be used to understanding global environmental change ?
How physical, chemical, biological, and environmental change ecological changes in sea ice and snow impact atmospheric chemistry ?

Moreover, CATCH aims to establish the background composition (trace gases and aerosols) in cold regions that are undergoing industrialisation, as well as being impacted by climate change.

More information available at

The community workshop is scheduled to take place on 19-21 April 2017 in Paris, France.
Submit an abstract before 1st March at

This workshop is co-sponsored by SOLAS and IGAC.
Workshop on ‘Frontiers in ocean-atmosphere exchange : Air sea interface and fluxes of mass and energy’, 15-19 May 2017 in Cargèse, France

Ocean-atmosphere fluxes of momentum, heat, freshwater, gases and aerosols play a critical role in the regulation of climate. The problem of adequately describing air-sea fluxes is complex, and simplistic parameterizations are not sufficient to represent the fluxes in models. Uncertainties in air-sea exchanges constrain our ability to understand and model our changing climate. It is therefore necessary to come to a mechanistic understanding of the processes affecting exchange of mass and energy across the air-sea interface from nano-to-global scales.

This workshop will address the issues surrounding air-sea fluxes of mass and energy.

Topics covered will be :

Developments in air-sea flux observations.
Translating upper ocean turbulence observations into parameterisations and models.
The role of waves in modifying air-sea fluxes.
The sea surface microlayer and its effect on air-sea exchange processes.

A detailed programme will be developed based on the abstracts received.
Submit an abstract before 15 March at :

This workshop is co-sponsored by SOLAS, ESA and WCRP.

Information about the workshop is available at :