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Call for papers : special issue of MARINE POLICY on plastic pollution

We are looking for papers that can be featured in a special issue of the highly regarded journal Marine Policy on marine plastic pollution. Papers can cover :

-  scientific evidence of macroplastic, microplastic, and nanoplastic pollution and related impacts on marine ecosystems (including oceans and freshwater biomes) ;
-  studies of recent efforts to curtail this pollution through regulation, taxation, product bans, or other approaches ;
-  studies of the political (geopolitical, regional, economic, cultural) context in which marine plastic pollution has become a major issue ;
-  studies on reclamation and clean-up efforts (land and sea-based) ;
-  studies with suggestions for the creation of global and regional policy strategies and regimes to limit or eliminate plastic land and sea-based pollution.

Interested contributors should send a 200-word abstract by May 15th to :

Dr. Peter Stoett, Dean, Social Science and Humanities, University of Ontario Institute of Technology :
Dr. Joanna Vince, Senior Lecturer, School of Social Sciences, University of Tasmania :