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Summer school Modelling environmental resilience

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This summer school, held in the heart of Paris at the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS), aims to bring together a group of 25 participants with a strong interest in environmental science and with backgrounds in quantitative sciences from across a range of disciplines (ecology, geosciences, physics, agronomy, economics, geography, etc). The objective is to expose the group to a number of views on the concept of “resilience” of environmental systems. The school offers in-depth courses on the meaning, modeling and application of the idea of resilience in a range of environmental topics including ecology, oceanography, climate, agriculture, philosophy, anthropology and geography. An important part of the summer school is the participation in one of the working groups, where participants work together with one or more lecturers. The four main themes of the working groups are : Climate-economics, Ecology, Agro-ecology, Global carbon and nutrient cycles.

Deadline for registration : March 15th 2016

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