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The (sub)mesoscale of the Levantine basin : challenges, observations, and opportunities

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24-27 October 2016
Institute of Marine Sciences - METU, Erdemli

Compared to the rest of the Mediterranean, the fine scale surface circulation of the Levantine basin is much less understood, resulting in a reduced capacity of predicting the transport pathways of marine tracers like nutrients, plankton, and contaminants. The aim of this meeting is to identify cooperation opportunities (like in situ experiments related to the incoming SWOT satellite mission) by bringing together state-of-the-art expertise from regional oceanographic institutions. The meeting will consist of lectures followed by group exercises for PhD students, focusing on the design of multidisciplinary and multilateral campaign studies.


Levantine circulation ; Lagrangian analysis of multisatellite data ; large-scale drifter experiments ; submesoscale biogeochemistry ; biologging ; advanced autonomous platforms ; adaptive sampling strategies

List of speakers (to be confirmed)

A. Pascual (IMEDEA, Spain)
G. Zodiatis (Cyprus Univ.)
M. Fakhry (CNRS-Lebanon)
M. Lévy (LOCEAN-IPSL, France)
F. d’Ovidio (Locean-IPSL, France)
H. Gildor (Univ. of Jerusalem)
Y. Lehahn (Weizman Inst.)
H. Orek (IMS-METU)
B. Fach (IMS-METU)


The school will take place along the beach of the Institute of Marine Sciences, Erdemli/Mersin.


Individual grants are available (upon request), covering travel and accomodation expenses as well as registration. For applications, please send a short letter of motivation and the expected travelling expenses. Priority will be given to PhD students of Levantine countries.


A registration fee of 120 Euros includes lunches and dinners for the duration of the school.

Deadline is September 5, 2016.


Accomodation will be arranged in a hotel at walking distance from IMS-METU (ca. 50 Euros/night).

How to reach

The nearest airport to IMS-METU is Adana. Individual transfer cost for a shuttle is ca. 250 TL (75 Euros) one way. Shared transfer at a lower cost can be arranged, for participants who will inform us of their arrival/departure times.

Organizing committee

LOCEAN-IPSL : F. d’Ovidio
IMS-METU : B. Fach, H. Orek, B. Salihoglu, A. Akpinar

Contact : Francesco d’Ovidio