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Vacant post doctoral position - Chemical oceanography, trends in ocean acidification carbonate chemistry in Norwegian and polar waters

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The Institute of Marine Research (IMR) has available a 2 years position (with an option for 2 years extension), a postdoctoral related to studies of variations, drivers, and trends of ocean acidification and carbon chemistry in Norwegian waters and in the Arctic Ocean. The position is placed in the research group Oceanography and Climate. Work will start as soon as possible, and the position will be located in Tromsø.

The position will form a part of the institute’s research on monitoring of ocean acidification and chemical analyzes of the marine carbonate system which started in 2011. Since 2011 IMR lead several projects in Norwegian waters and in the Arctic, including the flagship program “Ocean Acidification and effects in northern waters” within thee FRAM-High North Research Centre for Climate and the Environment, and the Norwegian Environment Agency program for ocean acidification monitoring. IMR will expand our existing scientific knowledge base of natural and anthropogenic variations in marine chemistry focusing on carbonate chemistry and biogeochemical processes that drive seasonal and interannual variations in carbonate chemistry. This is to gain knowledge about trends in ocean acidification in Norwegian waters and evaluate the effects of acidification on ecosystems. The knowledge generated in this project will be of importance to the advice given about biological effects of acidification and management of ecosystems.

Final date for applications : August 24th 2016

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