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Water JPI Newsletter - December 2015

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Time, like water, is flowing inexorably and we are close to the end of another year s. It seems natural to take stock of the activities performed till now by our initiative on water challenge (Water JPI) and we feel we should share these results with the stakeholders of the Water JPI and the readers of this monthly newsletter. Good strides have been made since 2010. Our cooperation started five years ago and is aiming at increasing the value of national and European water research and innovation funding through joint planning, implementation and evaluation of national research programmes on water topics. An agreed Vision Document was developed ; an Implementation Plan 2014-2016 was jointly elaborated, as well as three versions of our Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda prepared. Moreover, a mapping exercise of the water research in Europe was performed and two joint calls were launched in relation to Emerging Contaminants (2013) and Water Treatment (2015), while a third call (Water & Agriculture) is envisaged at the beginning of 2016. Meanwhile, contacts with the water research communities around the world are being developed to align agendas and procedures also beyond Europe. A lot of other activities are planned for the years to come. But now is time to enjoy Christmas holidays.
Best wishes to all of you !

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