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Water JPI Newsletter - May 2016

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The Water JPI team will meet in Rome in May 2016 for almost a whole week. In fact, many events are planned from the 16th May, concluding on the 19th May, with the first Water JPI International Conference.
The General Assembly of WatEUr will take place in the afternoon of Monday 16th May, followed by a meeting of the representatives of the funding agencies involved in the WaterWorks2015 call on the 17th. The kick-off meeting of the 16 projects funded under the 2015 Water JPI Joint Call (WaterWorks2014) is scheduled for the 18th May.
No doubt that Rome is the right city to host activities and events related to water. Ancient Roman aqueducts, the Tiber river celebrated by famous Latin poets, the old clocks moved by water falling into their mechanisms, dozens of beautiful architectural fountains, but also the simply drinking fountains scattered through the city to give relief to thirsty pilgrims and tourists, testify the central role played by water in Rome’s all day life and in its landscape.
We are very pleased to welcome you to the Eternal City and to the upcoming Water JPI Conference organised to present the first key achievements of this wide and long-lasting collaboration initiative. See you soon !

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