Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography
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DENIS Michel      
Position : DR2 CNRS Emérite
Organism : CNRS
Directeur de Recherche
00486090559 (or 0486090559)
Room: 059, Build.: OCEANOMED - Site : Luminy

Research Topics:
  • sdu/sdu.ocean
Last scientific productions :
+ Modelling Tetraselmis sp. growth-kinetics and optimizing bioactive-compound production through environmental conditions doi link

Author(s): Michaud Philippe, Dammak Mouna, Hadrich Bilel, Barkallah Mohamed, Hentati Faiez, Ben Hlima Hajer, Pichon Chantal, Denis M., Fendri Imen, Abdelkafi Slim

(Article) Published: Bioresource Technology, vol. 249 p.510 - 518 (2018)

+ Assessing ultraphytoplankton and heterotrophic prokaryote composition by flow cytometry in a Mediterranean lagoon doi link

Author(s): Dhib Amel, Denis M., Ziadi Boutheina, Barani A., Turki Souad, Aleya Lotfi

(Article) Published: Environmental Science And Pollution Research, vol. p.1-12 (2017)

+ Enhanced lipid and biomass production by a newly isolated and identified marine microalga doi link

Author(s): Dammak Mouna, Haase Sandra Mareike, Miladi Ramzi, Ben Amor Faten, Barkallah Mohamed, Gosset David, Pichon Chantal, Huchzermeyer Bernhard, Fendri Imen, Denis M., Abdelkafi Slim

(Article) Published: Lipids In Health And Disease, vol. 15 p. (2016)

+ Microbial composition and ecological features of phototrophic biofilms proliferating in the Moidons Caves (France): investigation at the single-cell level doi link

Author(s): Borderie Fabien, Denis M., Barani A., Alaoui-Sossé Badr, Aleya Lotfi

(Article) Published: Environmental Science And Pollution Research, vol. p.11 pages (2016)

+ The characterisation and summer distribution of ultraphytoplankton in the Gulf of Gabes (Eastern Mediterranean Sea, Tunisia) by using flow cytometry doi link

Author(s): Hamdi I., Denis M., Bellaaj-zouari A., Khemakhem H., Hassen M. bel, Hamza A., Barani A., Bezac C., Maalej S.

(Article) Published: Continental Shelf Research, vol. 93 p.27-38 (2015)