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Tue 01/31/17 13:00 autre

FABRICE Not (Roscoff)
Salle Egée
Photosymbiosis in marine plankton


Symbiosis has been and still is a highly significant process for the evolution of life on earth. Symbiosis is also a key ecological interaction for ecosystem functioning both on land and in the oceans. Symbiosis occurring between cnidarian and dinoflagellate microalgae forms both the trophic and structural foundation of coral reef ecosystems. Planktonic organisms, for which the vast majority of living forms are unicellular, are major components of oceanic ecosystems but arguably represent one of the least explored compartments of the biosphere, in particular with respect to biotic interactions among its components. In the open ocean planktonic realm, obligatory symbiotic partnerships between heterotrophic host organisms and photosynthetic microalgae ("photosymbioses") are widespread being particularly prevalent in nutrient-poor surface waters. Here I will briefly review the recent finding on the diversity and ecology of photosymbiosis among a group of relevant plankton which is the Radiolaria.

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