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Fri 02/03/17 13:00 amphi OCEANOMED

GROSSART Hans-peter (Universität Potsdam)
Physiological and genomic adaptation of aquatic bacteria


Many aquatic systems are poor in organic matter and nutrients, which often are not evenly distributed in the water body, but occur in hotspots such as particles and aggregates as well as the phycosphere surrounding living phytoplankton. Whereas primary producers are only present in the upper water layers, particles and aggregates can be found throughout the water column and play an increasingly important role at depth. At depth, organisms also experience increased hydrostatic pressure, which has important implications for bacterial community composition and activity. Therefore, I will first focus on general physiological and genomic adaptations of aquatic bacteria to their organic matter and nutrient field and then focus on effects of increased hydrostatic pressure on bacterial community composition and activity. Single cell and whole community studies reveal specific adaptations of different microorganisms to the microscale structure of their surrounding environment with important implications for organic matter cycling and carbon flux in aquatic ecosystems. Moreover, increasing hydrostatic pressure has the potential to greatly affect microbial community structure and activity, which renders the deep ocean an unique and important but greatly neglected microbial habitat.

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