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Wed 02/08/17 13:00 Amphi. Océanomed

SANTINELLI Chiara (CNR Istituto di Biofisica Unità Operativa di Pisa)
Dissolved organic matter cycle in the Mediterranean Sea. What can we learn from this small basin?



In this talk, I will present new data and ideas about dissolved organic matter (DOM) cycling in the Mediterranean Sea. I will give a snapshot of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and chromophoric DOM (CDOM) (both absorption and fluorescence) distribution in the surface layer of a large part the basin, with a focus in the Tyrrhenian Sea, where DOC seasonal cycle is strongly affected by the advection of the Atlantic water. Then, I will move to the deep waters where the first radiocarbon data opens intriguing questions about DOM origin and biological lability. Finally, I will show data about atmospheric and river inputs, with a focus on DOM seasonal variability in the Arno river.

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