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Publication MIO : LE Heimbürger (MIO) a participé à la rédaction de "The GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product 2017"

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Chemical Geology

Available online 1 June 2018

Les auteurs :
R Schlitzer, RF Anderson, E Masferrer Dodas, M Lohan, W Geibert, A Tagliabue, A Bowie, C Jeandel, MT Maldonado, W Landing, D Cockwell, C Abadie, W Abouchami, EP Achterberg, A Agather, A Aguliar-Islas, HM van Aken, M Andersen, C Archer, M Auro, HJ de Baar, O Baars, AR Baker, K Bakker, C Basak, M Baskaran, NR Bates, D Bauch, P van Beek, MK Behrens, E Black, K Bluhm, L Bopp, H Bouman, K Bowman, J Bown, P Boyd, M Boye, EA Boyle, P Branellec, L Bridgestock, G Brissebrat, T Browning, KW Bruland, HJ Brumsack, M Brzezinski, CS Buck, KN Buck, K Buesseler, A Bull, E Butler, P Cai, P Cámara Mor, D Cardinal, C Carlson, G Carrasco, N Casacuberta, KL Casciotti, M Castrillejo, E Chamizo, R Chance, MA Charette, JE Chaves, H Cheng, F Chever, M Christl, TM Church, I Closset, A Colman, T Conway, D Cossa, P Croot, JT Cullen, GA Cutter, C Daniels, F Dehairs, F Deng, H Thi Dieu, B Duggan, G Dulaquais, C Dumousseaud, Y Echegoyen-Sanz, R Lawrence Edwards, M Ellwood, E Fahrbach, JN Fitzsimmons, A Russell Flegal, MQ Fleisher, T van de Flierdt, M Frank, J Friedrich, F Fripiat, H Fröllje, SJ G Galer, T Gamo, R Ganeshram, J Garcia-Orellana, E Garcia-Solsona, M Gault-Ringold, E George, LJA Gerringa, M Gilbert, JM Godoy, SL Goldstein, SR Gonzalez, K Grissom, C Hammerschmidt, A Hartman, CS Hassler, EC Hathorne, M Hatta, N Hawco, CT Hayes, LE Heimbürger, J Helgoe, M Heller, G M Henderson, PB Henderson, S van Heuven, P Ho, TJ Horner, Y-T Hsieh, K-F Huang, MP Humphreys, K Isshiki, JE Jacquot, DJ Janssen, WJ Jenkins, S John, EM Jones, JL Jones, DC Kadko, R Kayser, TC Kenna, R Khondoker, T Kim, L Kipp, JK Klar, M Klunder, S Kretschmer, Y Kumamoto, P Laan, M Labatut, F Lacan, PJ Lam, M Lambelet, CH Lamborg, FAC Le Moigne, E Le Roy, O Lechtenfeld, J-M Lee, P Lherminier, S Little, M López-Lora, Y Lu, P Masque, E Mawji, CR Mcclain, C Measures, S Mehic, J-L Menzel Barraqueta, P van der Merwe, R Middag, S Mieruch, A Milne, T Minami, JW Moffett, G Moncoiffe, WS Moore, P Morris, PL Morton, Y Nakaguchi, N Nakayama, J Niedermiller, J Nishioka, A Nishiuchi, A Noble, H Obata, DC Ohnemus, J van Ooijen, J O’Sullivan, S Owens, K Pahnke, M Paul, F Pavia, LD Pena, B Peters, F Planchon, H Planquette, C Pradoux, V Puigcorbé, P Quay, F Queroue, A Radic, S Rauschenberg, M Rehkamper, R Rember, T Remenyi, JA Resing, J Rickli, S Rigaud, MJA Rijkenberg, S Rintoul, LF Robinson, M Roca-Martí, V Rodellas, T Roeske, JM Rolison, M Rosenberg , S Roshan, M Rutgers van der Loeff, E Ryabenko, MA Saito, LA Salt, V Sanial, G Sarthou, C Schallenberg, U Schauer, H Scher, C Schlosser, B Schnetger, P Scott, PN Sedwick, I Semiletov, R Shelley, R Sherrell, AM Shiller, D Sigman, S Kumar Singh, HA Slagter, E Slater, WM Smethie, H Snaith, Y Sohrin, B Sohst, JE Sonke, S Speich, R Steinfeldt, G Stewart, T Stichel, CH Stirling, J Stutsman, JH Swift, A Thomas, K Thorne, CP Till, R Till, AT Townsend, E Townsend, R Tuerena, BS Twining, D Vance, S Velazquez, C Venchiarutti, M Villa-Alfageme, SM Vivancos, AHL Voelker, B Wake, MJ Warner, R Watson, E van Weerlee, A Weigand, Y Weinstein, D Weiss, A Wisotzki, MS Woodward, J Wu, Y Wu , K Wuttig, Neil Wyatt, Y Xiang, RC Xie, Z Xue, H Yoshikawa, J Zhang, P Zhang, Y Zhao, L Zheng, X-Y Zheng, M Zieringer, LA Zimmer, P Ziveri, P Zunino, C Zurbrick (2018)


The GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product 2017 (IDP2017) is the second publicly available data product of the international GEOTRACES programme, and contains data measured and quality controlled before the end of 2016. The IDP2017 includes data from the Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Southern and Indian oceans, with about twice the data volume of the previous IDP2014. For the first time, the IDP2017 contains data for a large suite of biogeochemical parameters as well as aerosol and rain data characterising atmospheric trace element and isotope (TEI) sources. The TEI data in the IDP2017 are quality controlled by careful assessment of intercalibration results and multi-laboratory data comparisons at crossover stations. The IDP2017 consists of two parts : (1) a compilation of digital data for more than 450 TEIs as well as standard hydrographic parameters, and (2) the eGEOTRACES Electronic Atlas providing an on-line atlas that includes more than 590 section plots and 130 animated 3D scenes. The digital data are provided in several formats, including ASCII, Excel spreadsheet, netCDF, and Ocean Data View collection. Users can download the full data packages or make their own custom selections with a new on-line data extraction service. In addition to the actual data values, the IDP2017 also contains data quality flags and 1-σ data error values where available. Quality flags and error values are useful for data filtering and for statistical analysis. Metadata about data originators, analytical methods and original publications related to the data are linked in an easily accessible way. The eGEOTRACES Electronic Atlas is the visual representation of the IDP2017 as section plots and rotating 3D scenes. The basin-wide 3D scenes combine data from many cruises and provide quick overviews of large-scale tracer distributions. These 3D scenes provide geographical and bathymetric context that is crucial for the interpretation and assessment of tracer plumes near ocean margins or along ridges. The IDP2017 is the result of a truly international effort involving 326 researchers from 22 countries. This publication provides the critical reference for unpublished data, as well as for studies that make use of a large cross-section of data from the IDP2017.

GEOTRACES ; Trace elements ; Isotopes ; Electronic atlas ; IDP2017

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