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Rappel- Séminaire MIO : Le Professeur Lasse Riemann (Université de Copenhague) présentera un séminaire intitulé " Ecology and importance of heterotrophic diazotrophs in coastal waters"

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Au MIO, le 21 septembre à la salle Egée, 11 heures.

Le résumé de son séminaire : Ecology and importance of heterotrophic diazotrophs in coastal waters

Nitrogen (N) fixation is fueling planktonic production in a multitude of aquatic environments. In coastal waters, however, the contribution of N by pelagic N2-fixation is believed to be insignificant due to the high input of N from land and the presumed absence of active N2-fixing organisms. In this overview, I will talk about our work in Danish estuaries with emphasis on N2 fixation by heterotrophic diazotrophs, including cultivation-based and field work. I will give examples of significant N2 fixation by heterotrophic bacteria in coastal waters, discuss on their autecology, and highlight current gaps in our knowledge about these bacteria.