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+ Degradation state of organic matter in surface sediments from the Southern Beaufort Sea: a lipid approach doi link

Author(s): Rontani J.-F.(Corresp.), Charriere B., Petit M., Vaultier F., Heipieper Herman, Link Heike, Chaillou Gwenaelle, Sempere R.

(Article) Published: Biogeosciences, vol. 9 p.3513-3530 (2012)

+ Origin and degradation of lipids in aeolian particles from a coastal area of the north-western Mediterranean Sea doi link

Author(s): Rontani J.-F.(Corresp.), Charriere B., Vaultier F., Garcia N., Sempere R., Raimbault P.

(Article) Published: Atmospheric Environment, vol. 56 p.124-135 (2012)

+ The composition and flux of particulate and dissolved carbohydrates from the Rhone River into the Mediterranean Sea doi link

Author(s): Panagiotopoulos C.(Corresp.), Sempere R., Para Julien, Raimbault P., Rabouille Christophe, Charriere B.

(Article) Published: Biogeosciences, vol. 9 p.1827-1844 (2012)

+ The MERMeX Program for the Mediterranean Sea doi link

Author(s): Sempere R., De Madron Xavier Durrieu, Guieu Cecile

Proceedings: , vol. p.389-392 (2011)

+ Toward a mechanistic approach to modeling bacterial DOC pathways: a review. doi link

Author(s): Eichinger M., Poggiale J.-C., Sempere R.

(Article) Published: Science, vol. Microbial carbon pump in the ocean, Jiao N., Azam p.66-68 (2011)

+ Tracing the transport of colored dissolved organic matter in water masses of the Southern Beaufort Sea: relationship with hydrographic characteristics doi link

Author(s): Matsuoka Atsushi(Corresp.), Bricaud Annick, Benner Ronald, Para Julien, Sempere R., Prieur Louis, Belanger Simon, Babin Marcel

(Article) Published: Biogeosciences, vol. 9 p.925–940 (2012)

+ Marine ecosystems' responses to climatic and anthropogenic forcings in the Mediterranean doi link

Author(s): Durrieu de Madron Xavier, Guieu C., Sempere R., Conan P., Cossa D., D'Ortenzio F., Estournel C., Gazeau F., Rabouille C., Stemmann L., Bonnet S., Diaz F., Koubbi P., Baklouti M., Carlotti F., Charriere B., Gaertner J.-C., Jacquet S., Leblanc K., Lefevre D., Moutin T., Petrenko A., Poggiale J.-C., Pulido-Villena E., Raimbault P., Rontani J.-F., Tamburini C., Taupier-Letage I., Tedetti M., Van-Wambeke F.

(Article) Published: Progress In Oceanography, vol. 91 p.97-166 (2011)

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