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NENCIOLI Francesco      
Position : Postdoc
Team: OPLC
Room: 6042, Floor: 6, Build.: TPR2 - Site : Luminy
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Research Topics:
  • sdu/sdu.ocean
Last scientific productions :
+ A review of the LATEX project: mesoscale to submesoscale processes in a coastal environment doi link

Author(s): Petrenko A., Doglioli A., Nencioli F., Kersale M., Hu Z., D'Ovidio Francesco

(Article) Published: Ocean Dynamics, vol. 24 p.513-533 (2017)

+ Comparison between high resolution altimetric products and in situ observations to guide an oceanographic cruise (OUTPACE). hal link

Author(s): Rousselet L., Doglioli A., Petrenko A., Maes Christophe, Blanke Bruno, De-Verneil A., Nencioli F., D'Ovidio Francesco

(Posters) 2016 Ocean Surface Topography Science Team (OSTST) (La Rochelle, FR), 2016-11-01

+ Multi-platform synergy for the direct investigation of ocean fronts: a case study in the North-Western Mediterranean hal link

Author(s): Nencioli F., Petrenko A., Doglioli A., D'Ovidio Francesco

(Posters) 48th International Liège Colloquium on Ocean Dynamics (Liège, BE), 2016-05-23

+ Mapping the planktonic community across submesoscale physical features: the 2015 OSCAHR cruise in the NW Mediterranean hal link

Author(s): Doglioli A., Gregori G., Thyssen M., Wagener T., Marrec P., Rougier G., Bhairy N., Fenouil Julien, De-Verneil A., Rousselet L., Cyr F., Petrenko A., Andre J. M., D'Ovidio Francesco, Pietri Alice, Nencioli F., Jullion L., Pinazo C., Yohia C., Marsaleix Patrick

Conference: 48th International Liège Colloquium on Ocean Dynamics (Liège, BE, 2016-05-23)

+ Surface Salinity in the North Atlantic Subtropical Gyre During the STRASSE/SPURS Summer 2012 Cruise doi link

Author(s): Reverdin Gilles, Morisset Simon, Marié Louis, Bourras D., Sutherland Graigory, Ward Brian, Salvador Joaquin, Font Jordi, Cuypers Yannis, Centurioni Luca, Hormann Verena, Kolodziejczyk Nicolas, Boutin Jacqueline, D'Ovidio Francesco, Nencioli F., Martin Nicolas, Diverrès Denis, Alory Gaël, Lumpkin Rick

(Article) Published: Limnology And Oceanography, vol. 28 p.114–123 (2015)