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MARTINEZ Elodie      
Fonction : CR2
Equipe: OPLC
Bureau: (0)491829560, Etg: 6, Bât: TPR2 - Site : Luminy
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Activités de Recherche:     
Physical-biological interactions combining satellite observations and model-derived data
from seasonal to decadal variability in the global ocean
Now working on interannual to decadal variability of phytoplankton and its physical forcings
in the South Pacific Ocean: a regional (island mass effect) to basin approach.
Domaines de Recherche:
  • Sciences de l'environnement
  • Planète et Univers/Océan, Atmosphère
  • Planète et Univers/Sciences de la Terre/Océanographie
  • Sciences de l'environnement/Biodiversité et Ecologie
Dernieres productions scientifiques :
+ Small Scales of variability of the Sea Surface Salinity: a regional and global survey. hal link

Auteur(s): Maes Christophe, Rousselet L., Guimbard S., Drushka Kyla, Doglioli A., Kolodziejczyk Nicolas, Reul Nicolas, Charria G., Blanke Bruno, Martinez E., Petrenko A., Boutin Jacqueline, Ansorge I. J.

Conférence invité: Nonlinear processes in oceanic and atmospheric flows (Madrid, ES, 2016-07-06)

+ Modeling the Wake of the Marquesas Archipelago : a First Step to Assess this Island Mass Effect

Auteur(s): Raapoto H., Martinez E.(Corresp.), Doglioli A.(Corresp.), Petrenko A.(Corresp.)

(Affiches/Poster) Ocean Sciences Meeting 2016 (Nouvelle Orléans, US), 2016-02-21

+ Decadal variability of phytoplankton abundance in the North Atlantic through atmospheric and oceanic connections hal link

Auteur(s): Martinez E.(Corresp.), Raitsos Dionysios, Antoine David

Conference: Ocean Sciences Meeting (Salt Lake City, US, 2012-02-24)

+ Multi-decadal variability of phytoplankton and related physical forcing in the North Atlantic Ocean hal link

Auteur(s): Martinez E.(Corresp.), Antoine David, Raitsos Dionysios

Conference: Earth Observation for Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions Science (Frascati, IT, 2011-11-29)

+ Phenological changes of oceanic phytoplankton in the 1980s and 2000s as revealed by remotely sensed ocean-color observations doi link

Auteur(s): D’ortenzio Fabrizio(Corresp.), Antoine David, Martinez E., Ribera d'alcala Maurizio

(Article) Publié: Global Biogeochemical Cycles, vol. 26 p.GB4003, (2012)