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(68) Production(s) de DOGLIOLI A.

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+ Submesoscale dynamics of dissolved organic matter across the Northern Mediterranean Current revealed from a new glider-mounted optical sensor Method Minifluo-UV hal link

Auteur(s): Cyr F., Goutx M., Tedetti M., Béguery Laurent, Besson Florent, Méry Marion, Bhairy N., Petrenko A., Doglioli A.

(Affiches/Poster) , 2016

+ Mediterranean water-mass variability in T-S coordinates hal link

Auteur(s): Jullion L., Groeskamp Sjoerd, Petrenko A., Doglioli A.

(Affiches/Poster) , 2016

+ Impacts of meso-to submeso-scale features on the ocean circulation in the Coral Sea hal link

Auteur(s): Rousselet L., Doglioli A., Maes Christophe, Blanke Bruno, Petrenko A.

(Affiches/Poster) Ocean Sciences Meeting 2016 (La Nouvelle-Orléans, LA, US), 2016-02-21

+ Modeling the Wake of the Marquesas Archipelago : a First Step to Assess this Island Mass Effect

Auteur(s): Raapoto H., Martinez E.(Corresp.), Doglioli A.(Corresp.), Petrenko A.(Corresp.)

(Affiches/Poster) Ocean Sciences Meeting 2016 (Nouvelle Orléans, US), 2016-02-21

+ Lateral diffusivity coefficients from the dynamics of a SF6 patch in a coastal environment doi link

Auteur(s): Kersale M., Petrenko A., Doglioli A., Nencioli D., Bouffard J., Blain S., Diaz F., Labasque Thierry, Queguiner B., Dekeyser I.

(Article) Publié: Journal Of Marine Systems, vol. 153 p.42-54 (2016)

+ In situ measurements of KZ and epsilon compared to numerical models in the Gulf of Lion.; hal link

Auteur(s): Costa A., Doglioli A., Dekeyser I., loic jullion, Malengros D., Petrenko A.

Conference: EGU 2015 (Vienne, AT, 2015-04-12)

+ Observed surface thermohaline variability at mesoscale to submesoscale in the Coral Sea, southwest Pacific Ocean. hal link

Auteur(s): Rousselet L., Doglioli A., Maes Christophe

Conference: Open Science Conference on Salinity and Freshwater Changes in the Ocean (Hambourg, DE, 2015-10-12)

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