- Inverse Scattering Using a Time Reversal RADAR hal link

Auteur(s): Bellomo L., Belkebir K., Saillard M., Pioch S., Chaumet P. c.

Conférence invité: EMTS (Berlin, DE, 2011-08-16)

Ref HAL: hal-00703387_v1
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This work presents a new RADAR prototype built for the purpose of imaging targets located in a cluttered environment. The system is capable of performing Phase Conjugation experiments in the ultrawideband [2-4] GHz. In addition, applying the D.O.R.T. method to the inter-element matrix allows us to selectively focus onto targets, hence reducing the clutter contribution. We aim to experimentally explore the use of this focusing wave into an inversion algorithm, in order to improve its robustness against noise.