- Toward a mechanistic approach to modeling bacterial DOC pathways: a review. doi link

Auteur(s): Eichinger M., Poggiale J.-C., Sempere R.

(Article) Publié: Science, vol. Microbial carbon pump in the ocean, Jiao N., Azam p.66-68 (2011)

Ref HAL: hal-01166014_v1
DOI: 10.1126/science.opms.sb0001
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Dissolved organic carbon (DOC) can be mineralized into CO2 through bacterial respiration, reenter the trophic chain if bacterial biomass is grazed, or be partly stored in a recalcitrant form for millennia in the deep ocean by bacterial production during DOC degradation. This review compares mathematical models used to represent these pathways in the context of the current knowledge of bacterial metabolism, and examines how they may be related to the biological carbon pump and the microbial carbon pump. In view of the ever-changing environments in which bacteria exist, the authors propose that models of DOC degradation should be based on data from experiments in which bacteria are subjected to external constraints, such as DOC availability, temperature, and ocean depth. Further, the need for combining experimental and mechanistic modeling approaches to advance our understanding of the factors that affect oceanic DOC cycling and organic carbon storage is discussed.