- Phytoplankton Composition from Space: Towards a validation strategy for satellite algorithms

Auteur(s): Bracher Astrid, Hardmann-mountford Nick, Hirata Takafumi, Bernard Stewart, Boss Emmanuel, Brewin Robert, Bricaud Annick, Brotas Vanda, Chase Alison, Ciotti Aurea, Choi Jong-kuk, Clementson Lesley, Devred Emmanuel, Digiacomo Paul, Dupouy C., Hirawake Toru, Kim Wonkook, Kostadinov Tihomir, Kwiatkowska Ewa, Lavender Samantha, Moisan Tiffany, Mouw Colleen, Son Seunghyun, Sosik Heidi m., Uitz Julia, Werdell Jeremy, Zheng Guangming

Rapport d'expertise:


From the discussions, two breakout groups provided in depth discussion and recommendations on (1) validation of current algorithms and (2) work plan to prepare for validation of future missions.