- Small Scales of variability of the Sea Surface Salinity: a regional and global survey. hal link

Auteur(s): Maes Christophe, Rousselet L., Guimbard S., Drushka Kyla, Doglioli A., Kolodziejczyk Nicolas, Reul Nicolas, Charria G., Blanke Bruno, Martinez E., Petrenko A., Boutin Jacqueline, Ansorge I. J.

Conférence invité: Nonlinear processes in oceanic and atmospheric flows (Madrid, ES, 2016-07-06)

Ref HAL: hal-01345694_v1
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Recent research, mostly from numerical simulations at very high resolution, suggests that mesoscaleand submesoscale variability and the associated exchange processes are not independent but coupledin a subtle but important way, which includes a variety of potential mechanisms for the nonlineartransfer of energy between different scales. Consequently, new and high-resolution globalobservations of upper ocean motions are required to make progress in the critical areas of themesoscale and submesoscale variability and their associated upper-ocean lateral and vertical exchangeprocesses. The goal here will be to provide a regional and global survey of the small scales ofvariability of the SSS field with typical range from 10 to 100 km, that could be observed from in situobservations, and mainly shipboard thermosalinographs (TSGs). Salinity variability at these scalesalso has implications for the validation of satellite-based measurements, characterized by a spatialfootprint of 50-150 km. Different oceanic areas will be investigated to give an overview of the SSSvariability under different climatic and oceanographic large-scale conditions, and potentially to reportsome evidences of different dynamical regimes. A more precise view of the connection between amesoscale structure and its signature at the surface will be presented within the dynamical context ofthe Coral Sea in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Finally, in terms of perspectives, we would like toexplore additional points such as vertical stratification, dissipation or turbulence at the very smallscale, high-frequency variability and potential effects on the biogeochemistry fields.