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Position : Maître de Conférences
Room: 0, Build.: Oceanomed - Site : Luminy
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Last scientific productions :
+ Marine Biodiversity Warming vs. Biological Invasions and overfishing in the Mediterranean Sea: Take care, ‘One Train can hide another’ hal link

Author(s): Boudouresque C.-F.(Corresp.), Blanfuné A., Fernandez Catherine, Lejeusne Christophe, Pérez Thierry, Ruitton S., Thibault-Thibault D., Thibaut T., Verlaque M.

(Article) Published: Moj Ecology & Environmental Science, vol. 2 p.1-13 (2017)

+ Cystoseira montagnei J. Agardh and C. spinosa Sauvageau (Phaeophyceae, Sargassaceae) : a taxonomic reappraisal of misused names, with the proposal of Cystoseira michaelae Verlaque et al., nom. et stat. nov. hal link

Author(s): Sellam L.-N.(Corresp.), Blanfuné A., Boudouresque C.-F., Thibaut T., Rebzani-zahaf C, Verlaque M.(Corresp.)

(Article) Published: Cryptogamie Algologie, vol. 38 p.133-157 (2017)

+ An ecosystem-based approach to assess the status of Mediterranean algae-dominated shallow rocky reefs. doi link

Author(s): Thibaut T.(Corresp.), Blanfuné A., Boudouresque C.-F., Personnic S., Ruitton S., Ballesteros Enric, Bellan-santini Denise, Bianchi Carlo nike, Bussotti Simona, Cebrian Emma, Cheminee A., Culioli Jean-michel, Derrien-courtel Sandrine, Guidetti Paolo, Harmelin M., Hereu Bernat, Morri Carla, Poggiale J.-C., Verlaque M.

(Article) Published: Marine Pollution Bulletin, vol. 117 p.311-329 (2017)

+ The CARLIT method for the assessment of the ecological quality of European Mediterranean waters: relevance, robustness and possible improvements. hal link

Author(s): Blanfuné A.(Corresp.), Thibaut T., Boudouresque C.-F., Macic Vesna, Markovic Laurent, Palomba Laura, Verlaque M., Boissery Pierre

(Article) Published: Ecological Indicators, vol. 72 p.249-259 (2017)

+ Assessing benthic habitats’ sensitivity to human pressures: a methodological framework hal link

Author(s): La Riviere M., Aish Annabelle, Gauthier Olivier, Grall Jacques, Guérin Laurent, Janson Anne-Laure, Labrune Céline, Thibaut T., Thiébaut Eric

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