- Oscillatory flows through porous media: influence of the specific surface on the wave behavior hal link

Auteur(s): Arnaud G.(Corresp.), Touboul J., Sous D., Rey V., Gouaud Fabrice

Conference: The Twenty-fifth International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference (kone, hawai, US, 2015-06-21)

Ref HAL: hal-01343360_v1
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This communication is related to the energy dissipation by porousmedia. A particular attention is paid on the effects of specific surface ondissipated energy through a porous media constituted by a compactnetwork of emerging vertical cylinders. Experiments have beenperformed with three porous structures with varying cylinder diameters.The porosity is chosen constant whereas the specific surface depends ondiameters of cylinders. Two series of experiments have been carried out,the first with stationary flows and the second with regular waves.Finally, scale effects on the reflection and transmission coefficients arealso studied.