- Groundwater fluxes within sandy beaches: swash-driven flow vs cross-barrier gradients hal link

Auteur(s): Sous D., Petitjean L., Bouchette Frederic, Rey V., Meulé Samuel, Sabatier François

Conference: Coastal Dynamics 2017 (Helsingor, DK, 2017-06-12)
Actes de conférence: , vol. p. ()

Ref HAL: hal-01562908_v1
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This communication reports on a field experiment carried out on a microtidal beach in Camargue, France. The analysis is built on the initial work presented by Sous et al. (2016) on swash-groundwater dynamics. The analysis of a cross-shore network of buried pressure sensors allows to monitor the watertable dynamics over the full 2013-2014 winter season. The pressure head gradients are observed to be primarily seaward, forced by a higher level at the landward boundary. The groundwater flux is driven by the relative fluctuations of Still Water Level and inland elevations. Rain and tides have a little effect. A nearly isolated groundwater circulation is driven by wave activity below the swash zone whatever the overall watertable gradient. Estimations of beach groundwater discharge over the Gulf of Beauduc reveal the importance of beach groundwater in the exchanges between coastal aquifer and open sea.